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Barbados Carnival History

Barbados’ Crop Over started from humble beginnings. Here you will find a great insight into how Barbados Carnival got started and why.

Crop Over started in Barbados 40 years ago this year. So expect a big celebration. It originates from the days of their sugar cane harvest back in the 1700’s. At the end of the sugar season, there was always a large celebration to mark the end of the sugar cane harvest, which became the Crop Over celebration. As the sugar industry in Barbados declined, so too did the Crop Over festival and in the 1940′s the festival was terminated completely. However In 1974 Crop Over (Carnival) was really born and is now Barbados’ largest festival.

For a whole two months (yes we said two months) the people of Barbados start celebrating Crop Over. Beginning in June, Crop Over runs until the first Monday in August with the big finale being The Grand Kadooment.

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