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Take Part In Barbados Carnival

Have you been thinking about taking part in Barbados’ Carnival? Think no longer you have to take part in Barbados’ Carnival. You’re guaranteed to have a good time. Here you will find information on all the bands that participate in Barbados’ Carnival.

Baje International Barbados Carnival Band

Large band who have promoted 14 successful Crop Over bands.

Betty West Barbados Carnival Band
Betty West

Band filled with love, fun times and great memories.

Blaze Carnival Band

Barbados carnival band. 2014 theme is All Things Bajan.

Dragon Fly Mass Carnival Band
Dragon Fly Mass band

The essence of DragonFly Mass is a street–party band on the road for the Barbados Crop Over Festival.

Exotic Kadooment Carnival Band
Exotic Kadooment Band

The only full chocolate band on the road for foreday morning.

Fantasy Barbados Carnival Band
Fantasy Barbados

Premium band committed to enhancing your mas experience.

Gwyneth Squires Carnival Band
Gwyneth Squires

Gwyneth Squires is a Kiddies Kadooment Band.

Krave The Band
Krave The Band

One of the hottest premium Crop Over bands in Barbados.

L C Ravurz Crop Over Band Carnival Band
L C Ravurz Crop Over Band

Large Crop Over band. Last year they “took us to the movies”.

Jump Barbados Carnival Band
Jump Barbados

Barbados carnival mas band.

Mas Explosion Carnival Band
Mas Explosion

Barbados carnival mas band.

Mas Mania Carnival Band
Mas Mania

Barbados Crop Over band with good quality costumes.

Ooutraje Festival Carnival Band
Ooutraje Festival Band

Cost effective band who uses materials which were being stored from previous years.

Power X Four Carnival Band
Power X Four Mas Band

A group of friends who want revellers to enjoy a day of friendship and unity.

Reggie Cave Kadooment Carnival Band
Reggie Cave Kadooment Costume Band

A junior Kadooment band.

ROMP International Carnival Band
ROMP International

ROMP International Kadooment Masquerade Band is a all–inclusive band and operated entertainment firm.

The Renegades Carnival Band
The Renegades

Bajan Crop Over band.

Vibes Carnival Band

Led by a committed management team.

Vision 20-2- Carnival Band
Vision 20-20 Guyz and Galz

Barbados Crop Over band.

Wednesday 2000 Carnival Band
Wednesday 2000

Offers value and a memorable experience on the road in a safe environment.

Explosion Carnival Band
Youth Explosion Crop Over Band

Quincy Jones, band leader has done a remarkable job over the years.

Zulu International Carnival Band
Zulu International Carnival Band

A fun all–inclusive band that caters strictly to the Masquerader.

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