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Carnival Arts In The Community

Here at It’s Carnival we would like to highlight the good the Carnival does for young black people in London. The Carnival Arts plays a big part for many. Please continue reading to find out more and how you can support‚ many thanks in advance from the It’s Carnival team.

Carnival is not just two days of jump up and dancing. For many Carnival is a way of life and does so much for young black people in the community. Many of the bands you see on the road, do so much for the people in their community through Carnival Arts and allowing young people to actually help make the beautiful costumes you see on Carnival day.

Carnival Arts and some of the different Carnival bands allow young people to showcase artistic excellence, shapes new, emerging and established artistic talent, enhances academic teaching and learning styles, encourages social inclusion, strengthens community cohesion, develops understanding of the Caribbean culture, which helps to transform perceptions of cultures and of course showcases artistic excellence.

For many of these bands to stay a float, sponsorship is very important. The following bands do a fantastic job in promoting Carnival Arts in their community and help to keep young black people on the right path. Please do visit their websites and if you or if you know anyone that can donate or support these bands, please get in touch with them. They’re; South Connections, Genesis, Masquerade 2000 (M2K), Calabash and Flamboyan Carnival Arts.

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