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Have you thought about taking part in Europe’s largest festival? Think no longer, you have to take part in Notting Hill’s Carnival. You will not be disappointed. It’s Carnival play mas at Notting Hill Carnival every year. Here you will find information on all the bands that take part in Notting Hill’s Carnival in London.

Addicted Carnival Band

Notting Hill Carnival band.

Arawak Carnival Band

Arawak is a long standing London based carnival mas band.

Bacchanalia Carnival Band

Launched in 2005. Their aim is to bring family and friends together.

Bajan Revelers Carnival Band
Bajan Revelers

Welcomes people to participate in their year long activities.

Burrokeets UK Carnival Band
Burrokeets UK

Offers a fun experience with a family friendly atmosphere.

Calabash Carnival Band

Promoting Carnival arts and cultures of carnival since 2003.

Candy Mas Carnival Band
Candy Mas

A group of people came together to bring the experience of “dutty Mas”.

Cocoyea Carnival Band

One of the earlier Notting Hill Carnival bands.

Release D Riddim Carnival Band
Release D Riddim

Launched 4 years ago and providing a high quality Experience.

Eclipse Mas Carnival Band
Eclipse Mas

Carnival section within Chocolate Nation Mas.

Enigma Vibes Carnival Band
Enigma Vibes

A fresh, new carnival group bringing you the premier carnival experience.

Euphoria Carnival Band
Euphoria Carnival

strives to offer a fun and exciting experience.

Flagz Mas Carnival Band
Flagz Mas Band

Experience band, who also owns Flagz radio and a monthly fete.

Flamboyan Carnival Arts Carnival Band
Flamboyan Carnival Arts

Charity supporting Carnival Arts..

Funatik Mas
Funatik Mas

A collection of Carnival lovers that are fanatical about having FUN!

Genesis Carnival Band

One of the longest established carnival organisations in the U.K, GCC’s founder was a founding member of Notting Hill Carnival.

ISIS Mas Carnival Band

Formed in 1993, IsisMas is a community arts organisation.

Lagniappe Mas Carnival Band
Lagniappe Mas

Embodies their love for carnival.

London School of Samba Carnival Band
London School of Samba

Brazillian Samba band and arts charity.

Mas With A Difference Carnival Band
Mas With A Difference

Carnival section within Chocolate Nation and Eclipse Mas for the fourth year running.

Masquerade 2000 (M2K) Carnival Band
Masquerade 2000 (M2K)

Started in 1992 as a voluntary community based organisation.

Poison UK Carnival Band
Poison UK

Created in 2006 they incorporate the trendy Caribbean lifestyle into their band.

Purelime Carnival Band
Pure Lime

J’ouvert Carnival band who use chocolate.

Soca Saga Boys Carnival Band
Saga Boys Mas Band

Formed in 1993. Their aim is to let the whole world experience the energy, vibe and passion that is Carnival

South Connections Carnival Band
South Connections

Large band founded in 1985. They focus on Carnival Arts for young people.

Triniposse Carnival Band
TriniPosse UK

Brings people together, with a the flavour and concepts unique to the Caribbean.

Trinity Design Collective Carnival Band
Trinity Design Collective

Bring edgy couture fashion to carnival costumes.

Ucom Carnival Band
U.C.O.M. – United Colours of Mas

Premium band that has been on the road for 7 years.

Chocolate Nation Mas Carnival Band
UK Chocolate Nation

A community of family and close friends. They’re committed to re–creating the energy, vibrancy and spirit of Carnival.

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