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Trinidad Carnival

At Trinidad’s Carnival expect an explosion of vibrant colour, great music, revelry, and strong creativity. Carnival is the most significant event on the island, with many events taking place in the lead up to Trinidad Carnival. Trinidad’s Carnival has spawned a large amount of Carnival’s worldwide. Trinidad Carnival 2015 will be on Monday, February 16th and Tuesday 17th. Are you ready to play mas in Trinidad Carnival?

Who Might You Bump Into? – Nikki Minaj

Nikki Minaj Trinidad Carnival

Nikki Minaj is a native of Trinidad & Tobago and has been seen adorned in beautiful costumes and flying the Trinidad & Tobago flag high. You never know you may just bump into her.

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Trinidad Carnival

Watch The Greatest Show On Earth

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Your Carnival Must–haves

Flip Flops
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Comfy footwear is needed. You do want to dance all day right?

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Make noise to the sound of Calypso & Soca songs with a whistle or horn.

Caribbean Flag
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Don’t forget your flag! Represent your country and fly your flag high.

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Carnival is a bright ⁄ vibrant affair, so get your camera ready.

Caribbean Food
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Be ready to try all the delicious Caribbean food, like Jerk Chicken.

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