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Trinidad Carnival Events

Officially Carnival is the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday but celebrations begin before that! With many competitions and fun filled fetes.


Panorama Trinidad

Steel pans produce such a beautiful distinctive sound. So its only right that there is a competition based around the steel pan. The first ever Panorama was held in 1963. The contests for this annual competition are now hosted by each region in the Island (North, South, Central and Tobago) in the weeks that lead up to Carnival with selected bands competing before thousands of spectators. Panorama is held the Saturday before Carnival at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Panorama tests a steelband’s great skill.


Trinidad Fetes

Trinidad could be easily known as one of the party capitals of the world (Trini people you know you love a good party). There are many fetes for you to attend during the lead up to and after Carnival. Some of these parties are large, some are small but one thing is for sure you need some real stamina! Some fetes even feature live performances from some of the top soca artists, with the most popular fetes attracting large crowds. Are you ready to fete?

Kings and Queens Costume Competition

King & Queen Competition Trinidad

The leaders of each masquerade bands are known as the King and Queen. These large costumes typically weigh between 50 – 200 lbs (yes you read right‚ up to 200lbs). They’re usually based around a colourful theme, from nature to fantasy dreamscapes. Costumes are enhanced with lasers, fog, light shows, fireworks and even sound effects.

Soca Monarch

Trinidad Soca Monarch

The starting point of Trinidad’s Carnival season is the International Soca Monarch Competition (also known as Fantastic Friday). The top Soca artists compete with eacth other to take the Soca Monarch crown. It is also a chance for new Soca artists to gain recognition. Even global talent scouts come out. If you think you have what it takes‚ why not take part!

Dimanche Gras

Dimanche Gras Trinidad

Dimanche Gras is a large cultural show, which is held the Sunday night before Carnival at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port–of–Spain. You will have the opportunity to see costumes, steelpan, calypso and soca music. Dimanche Gras also includes the Calypso Monarch competition, where approximately 12 calypso singers battle for the Calypso Monarch crown.


J’Ouvert Trinidad

Are you ready to get dirty? (or dutty as West Indian people would say). J’Ouvert is the official start of Carnival. It takes place before dawn on Carnival Monday with bands and revellers dressed in old clothes and cover themselves in grease, paint, powder and chocolate and dance through the streets till the sun comes up (or until you can’t manage no more).

Carnival Monday

Carnival Monday Trinidad

It’s time for beautiful Mas bands to flood the streets of Port of Spain. Thousands of people take to the street to “jump up” and “whine” to the sweet sounds of Calypso and Soca. Even though there is great excitement on Carnival Monday it is just a “warm-up” for Carnival Tuesday.

Carnival Tuesday

Carnival Tuesday Trinidad

Thousands of masqueraders in full costume hit the road at 8 a.m. Carnival Tuesday is where masqueraders will be judged (Carnival is a competition not just one big party, didn’t you know?). Each band has its own historical, mythological or tropical concept with various sections depicting aspects of the main theme. Bands are judged in three categories: small, medium and large and winners are announced after all the bands have crossed the stage. The winning band is crowned Masquerade Band Of The Year.

Your Carnival Must–haves

Flip Flops
Carnival Slant

Comfy footwear is needed. You do want to dance all day right?

Carnival Slant

Make noise to the sound of Calypso & Soca songs with a whistle or horn.

Caribbean Flag
Carnival Slant

Don’t forget your flag! Represent your country and fly your flag high.

Carnival Slant

Carnival is a bright ⁄ vibrant affair, so get your camera ready.

Caribbean Food
Carnival Slant

Be ready to try all the delicious Caribbean food, like Jerk Chicken.

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