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Take Part In Trinidad Carnival

Have you thought about taking part in one of the greatest festivals on earth? Think no longer you have to take part in Trinidad’s Carnival at least once in your life (You only live once). Here you will find information on all the bands that take part in Trinidad Carnival.

Bliss Carnival Band
Bliss Carnival Band

New all inclusive Carnival band presented by TRIBE.

Brian Macfarlane Carnival Band
Mac Farlane Carnival

Award winning Mas band run by Brian Mac Farlane.

Colourz Carnival Band
Colorz Fuh So

Locally produced mas band that represent talent and creativity.

Dkrewe Carnival Band
D – Crewe

Traditional all inclusive Mas Band. A group of friends that embrace the passion of playing mas.

Dream Team Carnival Band
Dream Team Carnival

Over 50 years experience in carnival production.

Harvard Boys Carnival Band
D Harvard Boys

Established in 2008, in the small band category.

Explosion Carnival Band
Explosion Carnival

Offers local and international revellers a unique and intimate carnival experience.

Fantasy Carnival Band
Fantasy Carnival

17 years of experience. Offering familiarity, comfort, warmth and diversity.

Fireworks Carnival Band

Large band formed in 1993. They’re committed to their masqueraders.

Glen Carnival Band
Glen Carvalho

Trinidad carnival mas band

Harts Carnival Band

Large band that produces cutting edge designs and top quality costumes.

Island People Mas Carnival Band
Island People Mas

Trinidad carnival mas band. Celebrating 10 years on the road.

Image Nation Mas Carnival Band
Image Nation Mas

Produces modern, stylish, cutting edged costumes in as green a manner as possible.

Just Friends Carnival Band
Just Friends

Launched in 2009 after a group of friends came together to play mas.

Bliss Carnival Band

Founded by twin sisters they produce contemporary, edgy, fashion-forward costumes.

Legacy Carnival Band

Premium all–inclusive band who aim to provide great costumes.

Oasis Carnival Band

With Over 25 years experience. Oasis provide an intimate “family type” carnival experience.

Paparazzi Carnival Band

Placed second in the Large Bands Category in 2014.

Ronnie Carnival Band
Ronnie and Caro

Recently won the Carnival 2014 Downtown Large Band of the Year title.

Rosalind and Gabriel Carnival Band
Rosalind & Gabriel

Over 36 years of experience in producing children’s costumes.

Bliss Carnival Band

Motto is “For the Fun of It”. They do it for the love of Carnival and the joy of meeting new people.

Show Time Carnival Band
Show Time Trinidad

Provides entertainment but encourages education on the Caribbean culture.

Spice Carnival Band
Spice Carnival

Aim to be the best recipe for Carnival, who focus on fresh concepts and innovative ideas.

Bliss Carnival Band
Sonia Mack

Moroccan–born designer Sonia Mack, has fitted into Trinidad & Tobago’s fashion designers within Carnival.

Trini Revelleres Carnival Band
Trini Revellers

Contribute to the public of Trinidad & Tobago and the upliftment of Carnival.

Word Carnival Band
The Word Associates

Carnival band launched by the Catholic Church.

Utopia Carnival Band
Utopia Mas

Formed in 2011 they aim to provide good customer service, safety, comfort and give their masqueraders a intimate service.

Wee International Carnival Band
Wee International

Launched in 2008 WEE International was born out of the desire to re–introduce the family vibe to Carnival.

Yuma Carnival Band

The movement for Young and Upwardly Mobile Adults. They say get ready for a new Carnival experience just with you in mind.

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