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Travel To Trinidad Carnival

Here you will find all the information you need to travel to Trinidad and traveling around Trinidad. Trinidad’s Carnival is extremely popular, therefore we advise that you book your travel and accommodation well in advance. By the time Carnival is over many people start thinking about booking for the next year!


How To Get To Trinidad

You can travel to Trinidad and Tobago by air or by sea. Airlines that fly into Trinidad are: Caribbean airlines, American airlines, British airways and Surinam airways. A number of cruise lines also go to Trinidad & Tobago. You can call your local travel agency to find out your options, contact your airline of choice directly or visit reputable travel websites online to search for your flight.

Entry Requirements

You must be able to produce a passport‚ which is valid for three months longer than the intended stay as well as a return ticket. For visits of up to 90 days, visas are not required for citizens of the United States, Caricom (except Haiti), European Union and British Commonwealth (there are some exceptions so please double check before flying).


The currency of Trinidad is the Trinidadian Dollar (TTD).


The weather in Trinidad is generally warm and sunny all year round. The average daytime high is 27ºC ⁄ 80ºF. Trinidad and To­bago does however have a rainy season between June and November. Trinidad’s dry season is between December and May. Trinidad’s high season is between January and March, with a peak in February when it’s Carnival.

Driving Around Trinidad

To drive in Trinidad & Tobago you will need a valid international driver’s permit or one issued in the Bahamas, Canada, England, France, Germany or the United States of America. This will be valid for 90 days after arrival. In both islands, traffic moves on the left side.

Car Rentals

There are many car rental companies operating in Trinidad & Tobago offering you a wide range of cars. Rates vary among companies, but you can expect to pay upwards of US $35 per day. It should be noted that during peak periods (including carnival season) rental rates are higher and cars must be booked months in advance.


Taxi’s run frequently in Trinidad & Tobago. They will have “H” on their licence plates, there are taxi stands at the airport, cruise ship ports, hotels and in towns and cities.

Public Transport

Trinidad and Tobago has a wide–ranging system of public transport, including a state owned bus service, taxis and maxi-taxis (mini buses and vans).

Air Bridge

Are you thinking of visiting the Island of Tobago whilst in Trinidad? Well there is a regular air service between Trinidad & Tobago, with the first of roughly 20 daily flights leaving Piarco International Airport at 6am. This service is run by Caribbean Airlines, Trinidad and Tobago’s national air service provider.

Your Carnival Must–haves

Flip Flops
Carnival Slant

Comfy footwear is needed. You do want to dance all day right?

Carnival Slant

Make noise to the sound of Calypso & Soca songs with a whistle or horn.

Caribbean Flag
Carnival Slant

Don’t forget your flag! Represent your country and fly your flag high.

Carnival Slant

Carnival is a bright ⁄ vibrant affair, so get your camera ready.

Caribbean Food
Carnival Slant

Be ready to try all the delicious Caribbean food, like Jerk Chicken.

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